Новые номера в Цюрихе

Цюрихские номера сияют новым блеском.  
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Швейцарская кухня в ресторане Swiss Chuchi

От первого в Старом городе Цюриха кафе, где подавали фондю, до самого популярного ресторана, где подают традиционные швейцарские сырные и мясные блюда. > подробнее



Bookmark Hotels

Rich in history. Artistic. Inspiring.

Hotels with a Bookmark is an association of selected hotels with a (hi)story, which will relate their history during your stay, in a discreet and artistic manner. 


The old town of Zurich is full of picturesque nooks. This of course was well-known to the Swiss animal and landscape painter Rudolf Koller, who spent his childhood at the Hotel Adler. It is said that he painted his first impressions on the walls of the room with chalk.

This custom has been turned into a tradition in the Adler by the Basle artist Heinz Blum, who loves Zurich dearly and has transformed every hotel room into a typical Zurich room with his large-format murals: with individual views of the old town of Zurich, these inspire guests to seek out the locations shown and to track down their history.