New Zurich Rooms 

Steeped in feel-good ambience with plenty of wood and new fittings, the large format wall paintings conjure up the magic of the old town. > more

Swiss Food at the Swiss Chuchi Restaurant

From the first fondue parlour in the old town of Zurich to the number one address for Swiss cheese and meat specialities. > more


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Tip for those in a hurry 

The 30-minute package.

For those really in a hurry, we offer more intensive enjoyment of a genuine Swiss cheese fondue in a 30 minute package at a very special price.

Traditional Waadtländer Cheese Fondue (200g)

  • Choice of 2x 1dl Fendant du Valais AOC Majorie or 2x 33cl mineral water
  • CHF 33.50 for 2 persons

Cheese Fondue with ham and mushrooms (200g)

  • 2x 1dl Compleo Pinot Gris
  • 1x 33cl mineral water of your choice
  • CHF 43.- for 2 persons

Adler Special Cheese Fondue, spicy (200g)

  • 2x 1dl Pankraz blanc, Sauvignon blanc
  • 2x 2cl Kirsch
  • CHF 56.- for 2 persons