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Swiss Food at the Swiss Chuchi Restaurant

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Traditional. Professional. Sustainable.

  • Values - linked with tradition but with our finger on the pulse of time, we offer the guest, with close attention to detail, the feeling of a  comfortable home from home in Zurich: with individual Zurich wall paintings, we bring (hi)story into the Zurich rooms and inspire our guests to track down the history of the old town. In the Swiss Chuchi restaurant, the oldest fondue parlour in the old town of Zurich, we indulge the palate with typical cheese and Swiss specialities.
  • Quality - We celebrate Swiss quality and are characterised by our exceptional level of hospitality. We are always open to individual requirements - we like to get to know our guests.
  • Stakeholders - We make high demands both on ourselves and our partners and suppliers. Fair and respectful treatment is our top priority. Dependability is just as important to us, such as the training of our employees.
  • Environment - Sustainability is not just a trendy word with us, but an important criterion for decision making. We are sparing in our use of resources, such as water, power and consumables. Thus for example we collect rainwater and use it for flushing the toilets. Wherever possible, we recycle used materials.